Scrambled Eggs with Pickles

Scrambled Eggs with Pickles

by Rosemary (From Sina Weibo.)

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Scrambled eggs with pickled vegetables is indeed an appetizing home-cooked dish, which can increase appetite and feel comfortable when eaten. Comfortable means that the stomach and intestines are willing to accept, absorb and transform it, so that food can smoothly enter the body's normal metabolic circulatory system. "The fresh air rises, the turbid air drops, the slag enters the large intestine, and the water returns to the bladder" is the best benefit to make us energetic and healthy.


Scrambled Eggs with Pickles

1. Stir the eggs into egg liquid

Scrambled Eggs with Pickles recipe

2. Heat the pan with cold oil, pour the egg mixture, and stir fry

Scrambled Eggs with Pickles recipe

3. Pour in appropriate amount of pickled vegetables, stir fry evenly, add salt to taste

Scrambled Eggs with Pickles recipe

4. The salty and delicious pickled vegetables and scrambled eggs are ready~

Scrambled Eggs with Pickles recipe


1. Pickles have a salty taste, so be careful when adding salt.
2. When scrambled eggs, the pan must be washed clean, warm the pan with cold oil.


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