Sea Cucumber Egg Soup

Sea Cucumber Egg Soup

by Sharadova (from Tencent.)

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Others are meatless and unpleasant, but unfortunately I am very anorexia.
In order not to break the body, it is more beautiful. Just think of eating sea cucumbers, that is, nourishment but no collagen.
Many people don't know how to eat sea cucumbers, they think it is very high-end. In fact, sea cucumbers are very convenient to make.
The way I eat it most often is to eat it in porridge or in soup. In short, sea cucumbers can actually be versatile.
Today, I will introduce a very simple method. A bowl of light soup can not only supplement nutrition, but also increase appetite when appetite is low.


Sea Cucumber Egg Soup

1. Prepare all ingredients

Sea Cucumber Egg Soup recipe

2. Slice cucumber and carrot for later use, and chop coriander

Sea Cucumber Egg Soup recipe

3. Beat the eggs into a bowl and beat evenly. Starch + water to adjust

Sea Cucumber Egg Soup recipe

4. Add water to the pot until it boils, then add cucumber slices and carrot slices

Sea Cucumber Egg Soup recipe

5. Add starch water to the pot to thicken. Afterwards, sprinkle the eggs slowly and evenly into the soup (thicken the eggs first and then put them in the eggs to have a beautiful egg flower)

Sea Cucumber Egg Soup recipe

6. Add sea cucumber, salt and chicken essence for a while and turn off the heat.

Sea Cucumber Egg Soup recipe

7. Add a little sesame oil, chopped green onion and coriander according to personal preference, and you are done!

Sea Cucumber Egg Soup recipe


1. Be sure to thicken the egg before adding the egg, so that there will be a good-looking egg flower.


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