Sea Cucumber Soup

Sea Cucumber Soup

by Yuhan 9681

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My mother didn't want to eat greasy dishes when she caught a cold, so she made a light sea cucumber soup for her today.


Sea Cucumber Soup

1. Take out the soaked sea cucumbers from the refrigerator and let them dry for a while

Sea Cucumber Soup recipe

2. Chop the coriander into a bowl and pour a few drops of sesame oil

Sea Cucumber Soup recipe

3. Slice the sea cucumber

Sea Cucumber Soup recipe

4. Add water to the pot and pour the cut sea cucumbers

Sea Cucumber Soup recipe

5. After cooking for a while, add some salt and turn off the heat

Sea Cucumber Soup recipe

6. Pour the cooked sea cucumber into the prepared coriander bowl

Sea Cucumber Soup recipe


My mother didn’t want to eat oily vegetables when she caught a cold, so she chose to cook them ;-)


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