Sea Oyster Tofu Soup

Sea Oyster Tofu Soup

by Bean Emperor Boiled

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China's large land and resources blogs have different humanities and customs, and even their eating habits have their own changes. As the saying goes, the mountains rely on the mountains to eat the sea, and there are a variety of game and mountain vegetables in the inland. And the coastal areas are naturally marine products, all kinds of fish, crabs, shrimps, etc.... One of the favorites is "sea oysters." Sea oysters are also differentiated according to their size. Generally, they are divided into "sea oysters". "Oysters" and "sea oysters", larger and fatter ones, are commonly used for grilling, frying, and drying as dried oysters. The small ones can be used for cooking soup etc...
Nowadays, sea oysters are generally cultivated in the sea by rope seeding and hanging. This kind of sea oysters are relatively large and thick, which is what we mentioned above for barbecue. There is also a kind of oysters that are generally piled up with stone slabs in the inner port bay. Naturally cling. The oyster is quite small and slightly green in color. Although it is small, it has a sweeter taste than the former.
Sea oysters are not only delicious, but also very nutritious. It is commonly known as "impotence"! That's because sea oysters contain a variety of vitamins, iodine and zinc, which can nourish the kidneys, strengthen the yang and cure the deficiency. There is a saying in the local area called Yiliang Sanliang Cream [This is what it means after translation] All you know, eat more! Of course, sea oysters are not only for aphrodisiac, but also for beauty, blood and qi, so they are very good for men and women.


Sea Oyster Tofu Soup

1. What I’m going to do today is a homemade sea oyster soup that locals often make

Sea Oyster Tofu Soup recipe

2. Boil in water and add ginger and garlic to remove fishy and enhance flavor [please choose cooking pots according to your habits]

Sea Oyster Tofu Soup recipe

3. Add the tofu sliced into thin strips

Sea Oyster Tofu Soup recipe

4. And put the cabbage sticks in a pot for cooking

Sea Oyster Tofu Soup recipe

5. Wash the sea oysters several times, add a little sweet potato powder and stir, use chopsticks to pick it into the pot

Sea Oyster Tofu Soup recipe

6. After that, you can add seasoning [Seasoning according to your own habit, but the white pepper must be added. Used to enhance the taste and remove the fishy]

Sea Oyster Tofu Soup recipe

7. Blend it with a little water starch

Sea Oyster Tofu Soup recipe

8. Just sprinkle some garlic sprouts

Sea Oyster Tofu Soup recipe


Wash the sea oysters several times, add a little sweet potato powder and stir to make the taste better


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