Oyster Soup

Oyster Soup

by Pomegranate tree 2008

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Sea oysters are used to make oyster soup, so what other ingredients are needed? In fact, this bowl of oyster soup is really rich in ingredients. This is the standard northern soup. It is rich in content and delicious. It can be eaten as a dish or as a soup. In short, it is super delicious with rice. La. What should I do? What should I pay attention to? Come and watch.


Oyster Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients you need. The sea oysters do not need to be cleaned. The main thing is to see if there are shells inside. You can use chopsticks to pick them out one by one. Finally, pour the original oyster soup into a bowl and save it to make the soup.

Oyster Soup recipe

2. Peel and dice potatoes. Chinese cabbage is mainly used as a part of cabbage. Wash and dice. Carrots are cleaned and dice. The cubes of the three ingredients are basically the same size. The fungus is soaked in warm water and then cut into pieces. Small pieces, beat the eggs into a bowl and beat them up for later use,

Oyster Soup recipe

3. Put oyster sauce, salt, chicken essence and ground coriander in the bowl. This is used to adjust the taste of the soup, so the amount can also be put according to your own habits. Put an appropriate amount of cooking oil in the pot, first saute with green onions, and then add Stir fry the diced vegetables, minced pork and fungus to create a fragrance. This step is very important. If you don’t cook the soup directly, the soup is not delicious and rich, so you must fry it.

Oyster Soup recipe

4. Next, add an appropriate amount of water, cover the pot and boil, scoop a few tablespoons of hot soup into a bowl, dissolve the chicken essence and salt, then pour it back into the pot, the flavor of the soup is adjusted, and then the soup in the pot After boiling, pour the sea oysters and the soup into the pot,

Oyster Soup recipe

5. Add the right amount of water to the starch to make water starch. After the soup in the pot is boiled, add the water starch and stir evenly. When stirring, do not over-stir it, just use a spoon to open it, otherwise the soup will not be thick.

Oyster Soup recipe

6. After the soup in the pot is boiled again, pour the beaten egg liquid into the pot. Don't stir it in a hurry. After it is set a little, stir it to turn off the heat. After the pot is out, put it in a bowl and taste.

Oyster Soup recipe


1. Sea oysters do not need to be cleaned, but you must use chopsticks to pick them out and remove the oyster shells, otherwise it will be very dangerous when you drink the soup.

2. The diced vegetables and minced meat must be sautéed. The soup will taste good and the vegetables will also taste great.

3/ Water starch is not easy to be too much, otherwise the soup is too thick, which will affect the taste and taste.

4. When the soup is done, do not over-stir it, otherwise it will become thinner and lose the texture and taste of the soup.


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