Fried Oyster

Fried Oyster

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This snack is one of the specialty snacks from Taiwan. Also called sea oyster fried. It’s hard to forget the taste once when I was traveling in Xiamen. When I was young, my mother often made a snack for us. It's just that the adults' methods were extremely simple at that time, but the taste was still very good. The sweet potato powder is the sweet potato powder that is grown in-house and is sun-dried into a fine powder through a multi-layer process. Pure and natural without additives.


Fried Oyster

1. Sweet potato powder is also sweet potato powder. Home-grown sweet potatoes are ground into fine powder through milling and other procedures. Purely natural food.

Fried Oyster recipe

2. Boil a bowl of beans in boiling water and pick them up to cool off for later use.

Fried Oyster recipe

3. Wash the oysters, green onions and pork for later use. Finely chopped.

Fried Oyster recipe

4. Put all the above ingredients together: add water: salt. MSG. Beat 2 eggs. Stir together to form the consistency of the picture. No need to be sticky.

Fried Oyster recipe

5. Add oil to the pot. Do not use too much oil. Fry in a pan until it is cooked. If you want to eat crispy, you can fry it for a while.

Fried Oyster recipe

6. Finally, sprinkle in tomato sauce or sweet noodle sauce, chili sauce, etc...

Fried Oyster recipe


Because there is no more detailed picture. So the explanation is sloppy. Fried sea oysters are not just ingredients like peas as I said, but also cabbage or other flavored vegetables. The approach is the same. The most important thing is sweet potato powder. See if you can buy authentic sweet potato powder in your area.


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