Seafood Curry Rice

Seafood Curry Rice

by Niu Ma Kitchen

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There was really no place to eat out during the holidays. Later, the kid said that he should go home to cook the rice porridge and drink it. If he comes home, he can have a seafood curry rice. It is festive and simple. The children also like it. .


Seafood Curry Rice

1. Prepare the ingredients used.

Seafood Curry Rice recipe

2. Peel potatoes and carrots and put them in clean water for later use.

Seafood Curry Rice recipe

3. Add water to a boil in a mini electric skillet, and boil potatoes and carrots until they are cooked through.

Seafood Curry Rice recipe

4. The squid and shrimp are peeled and cut and marinated in fine salt for a while.

Seafood Curry Rice recipe

5. The ingredients in the pot are cooked thoroughly, and the washed seafood is put into the pot.

Seafood Curry Rice recipe

6. Put the curry cubes in the pot and mix until combined.

Seafood Curry Rice recipe

7. Finally, add diced vegetables and garnish.

Seafood Curry Rice recipe

8. This is a thick and delicious seafood curry.

Seafood Curry Rice recipe

9. Beat the rice in a bowl and then pour it on the plate.

Seafood Curry Rice recipe

10. Just wrap the seafood curry around the rice.

Seafood Curry Rice recipe


If it is to cook curry, then the soup must be sufficient.


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