Seafood Soup

Seafood Soup

by Mingyue Dance Tsing Yi

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The steaming lunch box can not only steam rice, but also simmer soup. Simple and fast. Use simple seafood to stew a pot of delicious soup, and lunch is done.


Seafood Soup

1. Prepare materials. Shrimp shelling and prawn line, winter melon slices, small cuttlefish washed, head and viscera. Scallops are shelled and gutted.

Seafood Soup recipe

2. Brush the surface of the clams with fine sand and blanch them with boiling water until the shells open.

Seafood Soup recipe

3. Put all the ingredients in the lunch box one by one.

Seafood Soup recipe

4. Add water.

Seafood Soup recipe

5. The lunch box is powered on.

Seafood Soup recipe

6. Press the timer for 10-30. 40 minutes.

Seafood Soup recipe

7. After cooking, take it out and put it on a plate.

Seafood Soup recipe


1. You can use your favorite seafood instead.


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