Seasonal Vegetable Buns

Seasonal Vegetable Buns

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There are yellow, green, and red. Doesn't it make you appetite just by looking at it? With a bowl of fragrant soy milk, let's have a satisfying meal!


Seasonal Vegetable Buns

1. Steamed buns, cucumbers and ham sausage are cut into even pieces

Seasonal Vegetable Buns recipe

2. Beat the two eggs directly in the bowl of steamed buns, then stir evenly and sprinkle with a little salt.

Seasonal Vegetable Buns recipe

3. After cooking the oil in the pan, pour the diced cucumber and stir fry for a while, then add a little salt, just a little salt.

Seasonal Vegetable Buns recipe

4. Stir fry with diced ham

Seasonal Vegetable Buns recipe

5. Add the steamed buns and stir fry, let it dry for a while, and the egg liquid can be out of the pot after it has solidified.

Seasonal Vegetable Buns recipe


The diced cucumber is added first to add a bit of salt, because the diced ham is salty, so you can add a little salt for breakfast if the taste is light.
Stir the steamed buns with eggs to make the steamed buns become soft and soft. My baby loves them.


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