Seasonal Vegetable Corn

Seasonal Vegetable Corn

by Paris red-handmade by private chef

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This is a dish adapted from pine nuts and corn.
Because pine nut oil is too big, it is not suitable to eat too much.
So change it to a variety of colored vegetables, I like the colored ones!
Beets, girls and kids love to eat it!
Corn contains a lot of calcium and rich lecithin, vitamin E and other nutrients. These substances have the effects of lowering cholesterol, preventing cell senescence and slowing down the degeneration of brain function. Therefore, any food with tender corn has a certain health preservation effect.


Seasonal Vegetable Corn

1. Corn washed, steamed, and threshed

Seasonal Vegetable Corn recipe

2. Rinse the raisins with warm water

Seasonal Vegetable Corn recipe

3. Wash the colored peppers, cut into pieces, and dice the ham

Seasonal Vegetable Corn recipe

4. Wash and open the green beans

Seasonal Vegetable Corn recipe

5. Put the oil in the pot, open the corn kernels, green beans, diced ham in the oil, and stir fry for a while, add the colored peppers and raisins and continue to fry. Prepare a small bowl, put starch, salt, sugar, and water, stir evenly, pour it into the pot, low heat Stir fry quickly!

Seasonal Vegetable Corn recipe


The fire temperature must be controlled well, from medium fire to low fire!
Corn can also be canned, but you can buy corn and cook it yourself.
If you don’t like to use starch, you can put milk in. My house doesn’t have milk anymore.


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