Seasonal Vegetable Nut Meat Slices

Seasonal Vegetable Nut Meat Slices

by Mu Ke

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The children in the college entrance examination are very hard. They need a full range of nutrition in terms of eating, but they should not be too greasy to avoid unnecessary burdens on the body. Therefore, I chose light and less greasy stir-fry dishes, which are also very particular about the collocation. Meat with high protein content is essential. Vegetables choose asparagus with high nutritional value. Asparagus can relieve fatigue, increase appetite, and improve the body. Metabolism, improve immunity. The black fungus also has the effects of nourishing and strengthening, nourishing the lungs and brain, lightening the body and strengthening the mind, replenishing blood and promoting blood circulation, and calming pain. Regular eating can also improve immunity.


Seasonal Vegetable Nut Meat Slices

1. Preparation materials: pork tenderloin, asparagus, black fungus and almonds

2. Wash and drain the tenderloin, cut into slices, add cooking wine, 1 gram of salt and black pepper and marinate for a while (add more cooking wine until the meat is fully absorbed, so that the fried meat is very tender)

3. Asparagus peeled and cut into diagonal sections

Seasonal Vegetable Nut Meat Slices recipe

4. After soaking the black fungus in cold water, remove the stalks and tear them into small pieces and wash and drain.

5. After sauteing the fragrant ginger slices in the oil pan, pour in the meat slices and stir-fry until they change color and serve. (Before the meat slices are put into the pan, add a little oil to stir well, prevent sticking, and the meat slices are more tender)

6. In another frying pan, add asparagus and black fungus and stir fry until broken, add 2 grams of salt

Seasonal Vegetable Nut Meat Slices recipe

7. Put the meat slices into the pot again, fry them with the vegetables until the flavours are combined, add a little sugar to freshen up before being out of the pot

8. After being out of the pan, sprinkle a little almonds before eating (Do not sprinkle almonds directly into the pan to ensure the crispy taste of almonds. I use salty cooked almonds directly. If they are raw almonds, they need to be fried or roasted in advance. Cooked)

Seasonal Vegetable Nut Meat Slices recipe
Seasonal Vegetable Nut Meat Slices recipe
Seasonal Vegetable Nut Meat Slices recipe
Seasonal Vegetable Nut Meat Slices recipe


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