Seasonal Vegetable Omurice

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice

by Junhan's mother makes complementary food

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Shiitake mushrooms are known as "the king of mountain treasures" and are high-protein, low-fat nutritious health foods. Rich in vitamin B complex, iron, potassium, vitamin D and other nutrients. It is also a great help for babies who do not like to eat.

Because I made some tomato sauce two days ago, how can I serve it to Brother Han? Just made this omelet rice.

This steamed rice with seasonal vegetables has meat and vegetables. Not only is it rich in nutrition, but it also tastes delicious because of the addition of shiitake mushrooms and lettuce. Even if there is no salt, but the sweet and sour ketchup can make your baby's appetite open.

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice

1. Prepare ingredients: 50g rice, 50g pork tenderloin, 2 shiitake mushrooms, 25g lettuce, 20g carrots, and 2 eggs.
(PS: The reason for choosing pork tenderloin is that its meat is relatively delicate and it is easier for babies to chew.)

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice recipe

2. Wash the rice well and soak for 20 minutes.
(PS: The steamed rice is soft and suitable for babies.

Soak the rice and let's process other ingredients, so that after all the ingredients are processed, the rice will be soaked. )

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice recipe

3. Lettuce, peeled, finely chopped or diced. (It depends on the baby's chewing ability.)
(PS: Eating more lettuce is very helpful for your baby's growth and development. Lettuce is rich in carotene and vitamin C.

In addition, lettuce is also rich in phosphorus and calcium, which are good for promoting the normal development of bones, preventing rickets, and helping normal teeth. )

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice recipe

4. Wash the shiitake mushrooms, remove the roots, and chop finely.
(PS: If the baby doesn't like the taste of shiitake mushrooms, mothers can also use 1 shiitake mushroom, which can be fresh.)

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice recipe

5. Peel the carrots and finely chop them.
(PS: Moms find it troublesome, you can also rub them into silk and chop them later.)

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice recipe

6. Remove the fascia from the pork tenderloin and cut into puree.
(PS: If the baby's chewing ability is very good, it can be cut into small pellets of meat. This can exercise the baby's chewing ability.)

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice recipe

7. Put all the ingredients in the rice cooker and add 180g of water.
(PS: The recommended amount of water is 3 times the weight of the rice, 150g of water should be added, but I added 20g of water.

The steamed rice is soft and waxy, which is more suitable for babies over 11 months old. It is easy to chew and digest.

Mothers can also add 150g of clean water according to their own situation, if the baby is over one year old. )

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice recipe

8. After mixing the ingredients evenly, select the steaming rice stall and steam the rice.

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice recipe

9. Okay, the right shiitake mushroom rice looks like this. Set it aside for later use.

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice recipe

10. Beat the eggs into a bowl and stir to loosen them.
(PS: If you want to spread the egg cakes more delicately and make the finished product look better, mothers can also sift the egg liquid.)

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice recipe

11. Brush the pot with a little vegetable oil and keep it on a low heat all the way.

Pour in the egg mixture and spread into egg pancakes.
(PS: The whole process is small, the whole process is small, the whole process is small.)

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice recipe

12. After the omelet can slide easily, turn the omelet over.

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice recipe

13. Turn off the heat and use the remaining temperature. Put the steamed mushroom rice on the 1/2 place on the right side of the omelet.

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice recipe

14. Just cover the left side like this.

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice recipe

15. The omelet rice is ready, and it looks delicious.

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice recipe

16. Alright, top with the ketchup we made before.

Seasonal Vegetable Omurice recipe


Lettuce is also rich in phosphorus and calcium, which are good for promoting the normal development of bones, preventing rickets, and helping normal teeth.


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