Pan-fried Pork Tenderloin

Pan-fried Pork Tenderloin

by Moonfall Wu Cry (from Tencent...)

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This dish is very simple. Although the presentation is not very good, it was eaten before it could be put on the plate. It is delicious as early as possible, haha!


Pan-fried Pork Tenderloin

1. Pork tenderloin, washed

Pan-fried Pork Tenderloin recipe

2. Thinly sliced

Pan-fried Pork Tenderloin recipe

3. Minced ginger

Pan-fried Pork Tenderloin recipe

4. Fillet thin slices with appropriate amount of salt, sugar, soy sauce, cooking wine, oil, ginger, thirteen spices, salt and pepper, marinate for half an hour

Pan-fried Pork Tenderloin recipe

5. Add a little oil in a non-stick pan and fry the meat slices

Pan-fried Pork Tenderloin recipe

6. Turn over

Pan-fried Pork Tenderloin recipe


Pickling is very important, don't fry for too long, don't add starch, it's very clean.


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