Seasonal Vegetable Omelette

Seasonal Vegetable Omelette

by Deep sea love cat

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I really don’t know what I’m eating for dinner. I flipped through the refrigerator and found a sharp pepper and a yellow colored pepper. Let’s ask for a stall of eggs. The production is simple and the colors look attractive.


Seasonal Vegetable Omelette

1. Add a little salt to the eggs and beat them, and cut the green peppers and colored peppers into small cubes.

Seasonal Vegetable Omelette recipe

2. When the pan is hot, add a little oil. When the oil is 80% hot, pour in the diced green peppers, add a little salt and stir fry.

Seasonal Vegetable Omelette recipe

3. Stir-fry for about 1 minute and pour in the eggs. After the surface of the egg has solidified, you can turn off the heat and eat it.

Seasonal Vegetable Omelette recipe

4. Finished product.

Seasonal Vegetable Omelette recipe


If there are few diced vegetables, you can also put the eggs first, and pour the diced vegetables immediately after the eggs. Add red bell peppers, the color will look better~


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