Seaweed and Matsutake Soup

Seaweed and Matsutake Soup

by Xue Yao _Michelle

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The show crew went to shoot Chongming's matsutake, and they gave me a lot of them. I made this soup for Ah Pang who vowed to lose weight. It was very light. It happened to be hot and stuffy in the past two days. Matsutake is one of the bacteria. Wang, needless to say the nutritional value, anti-cancer and anti-radiation, although this kind of semi-bred is much worse than the wild one, but it is OK to solve the gluttonous


Seaweed and Matsutake Soup

1. Wash all the vegetables. I read a lot and say that Matsutake cannot be washed. In fact, you can wash it with water if you eat it right away. After all, the soil on the top should be removed.

Seaweed and Matsutake Soup recipe

2. Scrape the cucumber into pieces

Seaweed and Matsutake Soup recipe

3. Matsutake and Cucumber Slices

Seaweed and Matsutake Soup recipe

4. Kelp is slower, so cook the kelp soup first

Seaweed and Matsutake Soup recipe

5. When the kelp is cooked, put the matsutake and cucumber in it, cook it and season it, and finally turn off the heat to put the bean sprouts

Seaweed and Matsutake Soup recipe


1. This soup is really light and unburdened, very suitable for summer
2. You can cook kelp and matsutake soup alone, or cucumber and matsutake soup
3. There are many ways to eat matsutake. The chicken soup is also super delicious. You can also stir-fry it, or pair it with steak. I wish everyone a good appetite.


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