Seaweed Winter Bamboo Soup

Seaweed Winter Bamboo Soup

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Seaweed Winter Bamboo Soup is a simple home-made soup with high nutritional value, low calorie, high protein, and nourishes lungs. The ingredients are seaweed vegetable kelp, wild winter bamboo shoots, plus lean pork meat, meat and vegetables, balanced nutrition.
Kelp is a nutritious sea bottom vegetable, rich in minerals such as iodine. Low in calories, high in protein, and rich in minerals, kelp has the effects of lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, regulating immunity, and anti-cancer.
Winter bamboo shoots are plump and thick, with a unique flavor. They are the best products on the southern dining table. Winter bamboo shoots have the effects of nourishing yin and cooling blood, moisturizing the intestines, clearing heat and resolving phlegm, quenching thirst and irritability, clearing heat and replenishing qi, relieving the stomach, diuresis and laxative, detoxification, nourishing liver and improving eyesight, and digestion. It can also appetite, invigorate the spleen, eliminate greasiness, relieve alcohol and poison, etc.


Seaweed Winter Bamboo Soup

1. Prepare ingredients: winter bamboo shoots, kelp, lean pork and other ingredients;

Seaweed Winter Bamboo Soup recipe

2. Wash and slice the lean meat, add oil, salt, light soy sauce, and cornstarch to marinate for 5 minutes;

Seaweed Winter Bamboo Soup recipe

3. Wash winter bamboo shoots and cut into thin slices;

Seaweed Winter Bamboo Soup recipe

4. Boil water, add winter bamboo shoots and blanch for 1 minute, remove the cold water, drain the water and set aside;

Seaweed Winter Bamboo Soup recipe

5. Soak kelp, wash, and shred;

Seaweed Winter Bamboo Soup recipe

6. Boil water, add kelp, winter bamboo shoots, and ginger shreds. After boiling again, change to medium heat for 10 minutes;

Seaweed Winter Bamboo Soup recipe

7. Change to high heat, pour the lean meat slices into boiling hot and cook;

Seaweed Winter Bamboo Soup recipe

8. Add salt and mix well;

Seaweed Winter Bamboo Soup recipe


1. The winter bamboo shoots should be large and thick;
2. Winter bamboo shoots are divided into sweet and bitter bamboo shoots. Bitter bamboo shoots should be blanched to remove bitterness and hemp
3. Winter bamboo shoots can be sealed and kept fresh, not only in winter, but in all seasons.
4. When the lean meat is cooked, it must be heated quickly, otherwise the lean meat will grow old and not slippery.


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