Secret Lard

Secret Lard

by Fatty Mushroom

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Lard is one of the indispensable ingredients in Chinese dim sum. Lard is white or yellow-white in color and has the special fragrance of lard, which is very popular among people. Many people think that cooking without lard will not taste good. It is indispensable to make shortbread cakes, fresh meat moon cakes, etc. Shredded cabbage and fried rice with lard are also well-known.


Secret Lard

1. Prepare several pieces of pork suet and clean them

Secret Lard recipe

2. Cut into pieces about three centimeters square and put them in the pot

Secret Lard recipe

3. Prepare a small bowl of water and add about 15ml of cooking wine

Secret Lard recipe

4. Boil on high fire, turn to low when the water is boiled

Secret Lard recipe

5. Add a little scallion, the water in the pot will gradually decrease

Secret Lard recipe

6. Continue to simmer on a low fire. During the period, use a spatula to turn over and the oil starts to come out

Secret Lard recipe

7. Until the oil lumps start to turn yellow and the volume becomes smaller and smaller, until it becomes a very dry oil residue

Secret Lard recipe

8. Use a strainer to filter and cool before use

Secret Lard recipe


Boiling lard is actually very simple. Put it in a pot and boil it over a low heat, and the oil will be forced out slowly. You can buy more pork suet oil, boil some more, put it in a jar, and use it slowly. Here are two experiences to share. When boiling lard, put a small bowl of water in the pot and add some rice wine; adding water is to prevent the lard from directly contacting the pot and it will zoom; adding rice wine can remove fishy or increase Fragrant, the lard made by adding some green onions to the lard will be more fragrant.


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