Sesame Biscuits

Sesame Biscuits

by Yang Gini

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A sesame biscuit with simple operation, let's do it!

Sesame Biscuits

1. Prepare materials

Sesame Biscuits recipe

2. Beat the eggs into the basin

Sesame Biscuits recipe

3. Add 100 grams of corn oil

Sesame Biscuits recipe

4. Add 40 grams of sugar (forget to take pictures at this step), stir well

Sesame Biscuits recipe

5. Add 200g all-purpose flour, 3g aluminum-free baking powder, 40g black and white sesame seeds

Sesame Biscuits recipe

6. Just use a spatula to stir without dry powder

Sesame Biscuits recipe

7. Divide into 20 g small doses and place in a non-stick baking dish

Sesame Biscuits recipe

8. Use 50 grams of moon cake mold to press on the cookie dough

Sesame Biscuits recipe

9. After all pressed

Sesame Biscuits recipe

10. Put it into the preheated oven, middle and lower layer, fire up and down, 180 degrees for 30 minutes (coloring and covering tin foil in time)

Sesame Biscuits recipe


The oven temperature is for reference only, the specific temperature needs to be adjusted according to the temper of the oven


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