Shanghai Pao Fan

Shanghai Pao Fan

by Norwegian Red Food

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Shanghai Pao Fan is a typical representative of Shanghai cuisine, with a long history, and it is also a manifestation of Shanghainese's ability to live, diligence and thrift.
Shanghainese will soak leftover rice in boiling water once or twice, and eat it with small pickles, such as mustard, pickled cucumber, yellow mud snails, fermented bean curd, etc.
What you eat is delicious, and both ordinary people and the rich and powerful love this bite.
Nowadays, Jiangsu and Zhejiang restaurants also have this staple food, and the click-through rate is very high. Generally, some small green vegetables are used, the rice is cooked, and some oil and salt are added.
Last night, I left a bite of rice and half a bowl of soup, so I also made bubbles for breakfast and became a "Shanghainese".


Shanghai Pao Fan

1. Ingredients for making rice: leftover rice, green vegetables and broth.

Shanghai Pao Fan recipe

2. Put the rice in the inner pot of the pressure cooker, pour the soup down, and add some more water.
Note: Soaked rice is relatively light, so it should not be too oily.

Shanghai Pao Fan recipe

3. Close the lid, but do not close it completely, turn on the power.

Shanghai Pao Fan recipe

4. Chop the greens and set aside.

Shanghai Pao Fan recipe

5. Open the lid two minutes after the pot is turned on, put the green vegetable stems in first, and stir.

Shanghai Pao Fan recipe

6. Wait until the pot is boiling, then put the leaves down.

Shanghai Pao Fan recipe

7. Turn on the pot again, add some salt to taste, and stir well.

Shanghai Pao Fan recipe


Don't eat rice so often, it is not good for gastrointestinal digestion.


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