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Living at home, there is inevitably a little leftover rice, and no one likes to eat hard leftover rice. Many people like to make leftover rice into fried rice, but I always feel that the taste of fried rice is too hard, which is not good for digestion. Today I will share with you a good recipe for leftover rice. Pour an egg and make it simple. Up!
Is there anyone like me who like to eat rice with soup? This tomato soup risotto is more delicious than bibimbap. The rich soup is soaked in rice, sweet and sour, and the rice grains are distinct Yes, it's so fragrant! It's super simple and zero failure! So delicious that I want to lick the plate! It's really not enough!

Rescue the leftover rice that can't be eaten~
Since I learned this method, everyone is rushing to eat the leftover rice in my family~ My son always said that he was eating again today!



1. All the ingredients are ready.

Risotto recipe

2. Knock the eggs into a bowl and beat them up.

Risotto recipe

3. Peel the tomatoes and cut into small pieces.

Risotto recipe

4. Pour a little oil in the pot, add minced garlic and sauté.

Risotto recipe

5. Then pour the tomato cubes and press with a spatula while sautéing until the top of the tomato is stir-fried until it becomes soft and juicy.

Risotto recipe

6. Pour in a bowl of water, a spoonful of light soy sauce and a spoonful of salt, and pour in the egg liquid.

Risotto recipe

7. Boil for about a minute until the egg is formed.

Risotto recipe

8. Pour the leftover rice into the soup, cover and simmer for about two minutes after stirring, until the soup becomes a little thick and it's OK.

Risotto recipe

9. Eat it while it's hot, it tastes really good, it tastes much better than fried rice, and it won't get angry when children eat it every day. My son has recently fallen in love with it and eats it every morning.

Risotto recipe


The cold rice will be better to handle and taste better, so you can prepare a bowl of leftover rice in advance and put it in the refrigerator overnight.
The final degree of juice collection is according to your own preferences. If you like it harder, collect it dry, and if you like softer, it will take less time to cook.
Eat it while it's hot, the rice is dry and springy, and the soup is thick, really super delicious! Children will not get angry if they eat more, so moms should try it out.


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