Shepherd's Purse Soup

Shepherd's Purse Soup

by Yoha Kitchen

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A few days ago, I went to dig back some shepherd's purse with her. The shepherd's purse is delicious but it is too troublesome to choose the dishes. After washing and blanching water to make a lump soup, the taste is really fresh. Hemostasis and eye-sighting effect, often used to treat postpartum hemorrhage, dysentery, edema, enteritis, gastric ulcer, cold and fever, red eyes, swelling and pain, etc., and the calcium content is very high. We all say that shepherd's purse Saijindan in spring is a little bit. Not an exaggeration.


Shepherd's Purse Soup

1. Fresh shepherd’s purse, shepherd’s purse is so delicious that it’s hard to choose, you have to pick off the old leaves one by one, don’t remove the root of shepherd’s purse, soak in water and wash it clean

Shepherd's Purse Soup recipe

2. Boil the shepherd's purse, remove and chop

Shepherd's Purse Soup recipe

3. Put an appropriate amount of vegetable oil in the wok to heat up, add the chopped shepherd’s purse and fry it to create a fragrance

Shepherd's Purse Soup recipe

4. Add the right amount of water and bring to a boil

Shepherd's Purse Soup recipe

5. Add flour to the leftover rice. The weight of three bowls of lumpy soup needs about 60 grams of flour. Add a little water and mix well to form lumps.

Shepherd's Purse Soup recipe

6. After the water is boiled, pour all into the pot, push it evenly with a rice spoon, and continue to boil on high heat

Shepherd's Purse Soup recipe

7. Beat an egg and pour it into the pot, boil it and season it with a little salt.

Shepherd's Purse Soup recipe


1. After blanching all shepherd’s purse that cannot be eaten at one time, put it in a fresh-keeping bag and freeze it in the refrigerator. When you want to eat it, take out a packet of defrosting, making buns and dumplings are very delicious
2. After blanching the shepherd’s purse, don’t dry the water too much. What you eat is its umami taste. Don’t throw away the shepherd’s purse root


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