Sheep Head Soup

Sheep Head Soup

by Minger Kitchen

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Today the child went home and prepared the ingredients for the child early. Yesterday, I bought a goat head. It’s the best for making soup, and it’s also a favorite for kids. Often eating lamb in summer is also good for the body, and children should eat it more often. Speaking of sheep's head soup, when I talked to a friend before, looking at my friend's eyes didn't want to lift, I knew that she looked down on this ingredient. It is practical to cook soup with lamb's head, which is much better than pure lamb soup. The soup produced is thick and white, comparable to milk. The method is also very simple, but you must remember not to put star anise and pepper in the mutton soup, which will affect the taste and taste.


Sheep Head Soup

1. First, rinse the sheep's head you bought. Make sure to put a spoonful of cooking wine in a pot under cold water. After boiling, it will be very hot for a minute, and then rinse it off again.

Sheep Head Soup recipe

2. Put the boiled sheep's head in a casserole, add large pieces of ginger and green onions, and add enough water. It is advisable not to add water in the middle of boiling.

Sheep Head Soup recipe

3. Turn the high heat to a low heat, and continue to cook for an hour and a half until the sheep’s head is fully cooked, remove and let cool.

Sheep Head Soup recipe

4. This is the meat of the mutton that has been removed. One mutton still has a lot of meat. Such mutton is even more delicious than lean mutton.

Sheep Head Soup recipe

5. Add salt, MSG and pepper to the soup to taste.

Sheep Head Soup recipe


Minger's summary: 1 Before boiling the sheep's head soup, the sheep's head must be boiled in a pot under cold water, which can well remove the mutton and fishy smell.

2 If you have plenty of time, it is best to cook in a casserole, which is much better than an electric pressure cooker.

3 If you like spicy food, you can add some chili oil to taste better.


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