Shredded Gourd with Scallion Oil

Shredded Gourd with Scallion Oil

by Fatty Mushroom

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Gourd is not a pumpkin. Gourd flesh will naturally form crystal clear yellow filaments after stirring. It is also called "golden gourd". The golden gourd silk is tender and fragrant after being boiled or frozen. It is crispy and refreshing with flavor. Unique, known as "plant jellyfish", it is a delicacy with complete "color, fragrance, taste and shape". At the hotel banquet, there is also mixed with jellyfish shreds and carrot shreds as one of the cold dishes. Every year, my mother will go to the wholesale market to enjoy it slowly. In Chinese medicine, it has the effects of nourishing the qi, relieving astringent and reducing thirst, invigorating the spleen, nourishing the lungs, and clearing fire. Therefore, pumpkin is a kind of cheap and good quality. Vegetables for both food and therapy. Wash the melon and cut it open, remove the flesh seeds, add water to a pot and boil, boil for 5-10 minutes, insert the melon flesh with chopsticks, then remove it and cool it and use chopsticks to stir the melon shreds longitudinally. Rinse with clean water, drain, add seasoning and stir-fry. In the hotel, the method of pickling with salt and then shredded is what my mother learned from the hotel for making cold dishes. It is refreshing and delicious after being fried and cooled.


Shredded Gourd with Scallion Oil

1. Take half of the gourd and remove the capsule

Shredded Gourd with Scallion Oil recipe

2. Steam on the pot for 5-10 minutes, insert the meat with chopsticks, and peel the meat on the surface into shreds

Shredded Gourd with Scallion Oil recipe

3. Wash the peeled melon shreds with water and drain for later use

Shredded Gourd with Scallion Oil recipe

4. Take a wok, add about 10ml of oil to heat, wash the green onions, mince and saute, add a spoonful of five-spice powder, and season with salt and sugar

Shredded Gourd with Scallion Oil recipe

5. Put the drained pumpkin shreds in, stir fry over high heat and stir well

Shredded Gourd with Scallion Oil recipe

6. Turn off the heat after the pumpkin shreds are cooked. It is better to cool it for cold dishes.

Shredded Gourd with Scallion Oil recipe


In order to prevent the pumpkin from being steamed too thoroughly and the taste is not good, you can steam it for a few minutes first, peel off the pumpkin shreds on the surface, and then put it in the steamer to continue steaming, and then peel the shreds. Stir-fry the scallions and stir-fry, crispy and delicious


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