Gourd recipes

Stewed Chicken Soup with Arctic Ginseng Melon

Chicken Leg, Gourd, Arctic Red Ginseng

Shazao and Corn Wotou

Flour, Cornmeal, Egg

Gourd and Mushroom Seafood Soup

Gourd, Tricholoma, River Crab

Gouzi Yellow Bone Fish Soup

Yellow Bone Fish, Gourd, Sliced Ginger

Double-flavored Pancakes with Gourd and Melon

Gourd, Caster Sugar, Low-gluten Flour

Gourd Steamed Pork

Pork Belly, Gourd, Green Onions

Hokkaido Vegetable Soup Curry

Carrot, Chicken Leg, Potato

Whole Grain Moon Cakes

Flour, Cornmeal, Chixiaodou

Sour Soup with Beef

Green Bamboo Shoots, Celery, Fat Cow

Curry Gourd Chicken Soup

Gourd, Chicken Breast, Yellow Curry Paste

Cold Shredded Pumpkin

Gourd, Vegetable Oil, Salt

Braised Night Blossom

Gourd, Shallot, Soy Sauce

Shrimp Fried Gourd Melon

Dried Shrimp, Gourd, Vegetable Oil

Vinegar Shredded Pumpkin

Gourd, Oil, Oyster Sauce