Shredded Pepper

Shredded Pepper

by Gluttonous

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This is a side dish with a unique taste, which can be made in daily life or used for banquets. Because this side dish can be used as a cold plate on the table, it can be made in advance, avoiding conflicts with other dishes, saving cooking time and speeding up the serving speed.


Shredded Pepper

1. Ingredients: sharp pepper

Shredded Pepper recipe

2. Wash the hot peppers and remove the stems

Shredded Pepper recipe

3. Put it in the microwave on high heat for 3 minutes and take it out

Shredded Pepper recipe

4. Cut the hot peppers and remove the spicy tendons

Shredded Pepper recipe

5. Tear into strips and put on the plate

Shredded Pepper recipe

6. Boil the juice: add a little water to a boil, add oyster sauce

Shredded Pepper recipe

7. Add another pint of fresh soy sauce, boil and simmer for 1 minute

Shredded Pepper recipe

8. Let it cool and pour it into the dish.

Shredded Pepper recipe


If you use colored peppers or bell peppers, you can omit the step of cutting spicy tendons.


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