Shredded Pork in Beijing Sauce

Shredded Pork in Beijing Sauce

by Autumn Food Studio

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As a classic representative of Beijing cuisine, shredded pork with Beijing sauce is very well-known. Choose lean pork as the main ingredient, the ingredients are green onion ginger and sweet noodle sauce, cooked with the unique cooking technique of the north, "sauce", moderate salty and sweet, and unique flavor. The shredded pork in Beijing sauce is based on Shandong cuisine and inherits the taste of fried chicken in Lu cuisine sauce; the method of using sauce is to stir-fry the main ingredient with fried yellow sauce or sweet noodle sauce. The color of the sauce is fried. Golden red, the sauce completely envelops the main ingredients, the sauce lingers between the lips and teeth, sweet and salty but not greasy.


Shredded Pork in Beijing Sauce

1. These are all ingredients, prepare in advance

Shredded Pork in Beijing Sauce recipe

2. Prepare dishes: chop pork loin into thin strips, chop scallion and carrot into long strips, cut bean skin into rectangles, chop green onion leaves

Shredded Pork in Beijing Sauce recipe

3. Marinating: Put 1 spoon of shredded pork in teriyaki sauce, starch, cooking wine and egg white, marinate for 15 minutes

Shredded Pork in Beijing Sauce recipe

4. Adjust the sauce: mix 1 tablespoon of teriyaki sauce and sweet noodle sauce, add water and stir well, set aside

Shredded Pork in Beijing Sauce recipe

5. Stir-frying: Heat the oil in the pan to 50%, stir-fry the shredded pork until the color changes, then heat the pan with less oil, add chopped green onions and sauté

Shredded Pork in Beijing Sauce recipe

6. Stir-fry sauce: add the adjusted sauce, fry until fragrant, pour in the shredded pork and stir evenly for 1 minute, turn off the heat

Shredded Pork in Beijing Sauce recipe

7. Placing the plate: Wrap the side dishes with bean curd, cut the slanting knife block and place the plate, take out the shredded pork and place it in the middle, complete

Shredded Pork in Beijing Sauce recipe


1. This dish can be paired with a variety of staple foods, with steamed buns, it can be used to make "meat buns", with spring cakes, it can be made into rolls, and it is also a healthy way to eat with lettuce.
2. A small trick to cut shredded pork is to freeze the meat in the refrigerator. It is best to cut half-hard and half-soft.
3. As side dishes, you can use strip-shaped vegetables such as green onion, cucumber shreds, bean sprouts, etc., which is refreshing and refreshing.
4. Friends in the north are accustomed to eating dried tofu raw and can be directly wrapped in bean curd. If friends in the south are not used to it, blanch it with water first, and control it to dry after cooling water.


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