Shrimp and Carrot Cake

Shrimp and Carrot Cake

by Luyao 20082008

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After the KFC expiration semi-finished product incident came to light, I was completely disappointed and sad about foreign fast food. There is a little guy in my family who followed me sad. He loves to eat Neptune in KFC. Okay, let my almighty mummy come to DIY one Well, Mommy was a little too lazy, and chose the most convenient shape, which is to make a pie, and the little guy said that Mommy, what you made was not Neptune at all, it was just a pie. I also changed the production process to roasting, and it’s not good to eat too much deep-fried.


Shrimp and Carrot Cake

1. Shell the shrimps and remove the intestines, and soak them in cooking wine for half an hour

Shrimp and Carrot Cake recipe

2. Remove the shrimp meat and mince

Shrimp and Carrot Cake recipe

3. Carrots peeled and chopped

Shrimp and Carrot Cake recipe

4. Put all the ingredients into the bowl and add the chives

Shrimp and Carrot Cake recipe

5. Add some cornstarch, chicken essence and sesame oil

Shrimp and Carrot Cake recipe

6. Mix into a strong mud

Shrimp and Carrot Cake recipe

7. Spread cornstarch on your hands, then press the shrimp paste into a round cake in the palm of your hand

Shrimp and Carrot Cake recipe

8. Coated egg liquid on the surface

Shrimp and Carrot Cake recipe

9. Preheat the oven to 220 degrees and bake for about 8 minutes

Shrimp and Carrot Cake recipe


Note: When baking, it should be determined according to the thickness of the cake


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