Shrimp Curry Chicken

Shrimp Curry Chicken

by Gaixia Technology

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Shrimp Curry Chicken

1. Dice the onion, and cut the potatoes and carrots into pieces.

Shrimp Curry Chicken recipe

2. Put an appropriate amount of butter in the pan, put the onion diced into the pan, fry on low heat for sweetness, and fry until golden. Add potatoes and carrots and continue to stir fry.

Shrimp Curry Chicken recipe

3. Marinate the chicken nuggets with cooking wine and light soy sauce for about 10 minutes, and fry the marinated chicken nuggets until they change color.

Shrimp Curry Chicken recipe

4. Pour potatoes, carrots and chicken nuggets into the pot, add water, shrimp and curry nuggets to boil.

Shrimp Curry Chicken recipe

5. After boiling, continue to cook on a low heat, adding milk and bay leaves during the period, the aroma of curry is spreading wantonly~

Shrimp Curry Chicken recipe

6. After the soup is thickened, it can be out of the pot~

Shrimp Curry Chicken recipe


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