Shrimp Potato Cake

Shrimp Potato Cake

by Scarlett

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Grind the steamed potatoes into puree, add a little flour to promote adhesion, add salt and white pepper, mix well and season, and wrap the seasoned prawns in the middle. In order to eat healthier, instead of frying, the method of frying is used. The shrimp is wrapped in mashed potatoes. After high-temperature frying, the potatoes become browned, and the shrimps become golden red, hidden in the burnt aroma of the potatoes. This cake, soft and glutinous and delicious, there are many crispy shrimps, the fragrance is full, the taste is delicious, and it is super delicious.


Shrimp Potato Cake

1. After the shrimp is shelled, use a toothpick to pick out the shrimp thread from the two or three nodes on the back of the shrimp;

Shrimp Potato Cake recipe

2. Add salt, cooking wine and ginger to marinate the processed fresh shrimp;

Shrimp Potato Cake recipe

3. Peel the potatoes, cut them into small pieces, and steam them in a pot;

Shrimp Potato Cake recipe

4. Put the steamed potatoes in a bowl and add 2 tablespoons of flour;

Shrimp Potato Cake recipe

5. Add salt and pepper;

Shrimp Potato Cake recipe

6. Knead the potatoes into a puree and mix them into a smooth dough;

Shrimp Potato Cake recipe

7. Take a small piece of potato dough and press it into puree, and put shrimp in the middle;

Shrimp Potato Cake recipe

8. Take a small piece of potato dough and press it into puree, and put shrimp in the middle;

Shrimp Potato Cake recipe

9. The other potato shrimp balls are ready for use;

Shrimp Potato Cake recipe

10. Heat the pan with a little oil, put the shrimp and potato cakes in the pan and fry slowly;

Shrimp Potato Cake recipe

11. Fry the shrimp and potato pancakes until golden on both sides, fry them well, put them on a plate, and put tomato sauce in the middle.

Shrimp Potato Cake recipe

12. It's ready to eat.

Shrimp Potato Cake recipe


1. After removing the shells, pick out the shrimp threads, add salt and other seasonings to marinate for a while; 2. After the potatoes are steamed, add salt and other seasonings, and then add flour to help shape them, and knead them into a smooth dough; 3. Take a piece of potato dough, pack the shrimp in the middle, press it into a cake, and fry it in a pan.


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