Shrimp Soup

Shrimp Soup

by Diamond V Face Fried Rice Master

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Like many dishes I cook, it’s because my son likes to eat it. My baby likes to eat shrimp, so I gave him a try.


Shrimp Soup

1. Wash the shrimp and set aside

Shrimp Soup recipe

2. Shelling

Shrimp Soup recipe

3. Use the back of a knife to chop the shrimp into puree

Shrimp Soup recipe

4. Continue to chop

Shrimp Soup recipe

5. Add egg white, oil, salt, MSG

Shrimp Soup recipe

6. Beat evenly in a clockwise direction

Shrimp Soup recipe

7. Until muddy

Shrimp Soup recipe

8. After boiling the water, use a spoon to slide the shrimp into the pot and cook for three minutes

Shrimp Soup recipe

9. After the prawns are cooked, add green vegetables, season them, and cook

Shrimp Soup recipe


The prawns made from fresh prawns are smooth, with the fragrance of green vegetables. They are delicious. You can try them if you have time. The only drawback is that it takes more time.


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