Shuanghong Buxue Decoction

Shuanghong Buxue Decoction

by Yan's Kitchen

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Especially female friends. Prone to lack of qi and blood. Drink in moderation. It is helpful for health. Jujube. Brown sugar. Blood. Nourishing blood. Nourishing blood. Soothing effect. Pumpkin. Replenishing the spleen. Invigorating the stomach. Enhance immunity. Vision. Both help


Shuanghong Buxue Decoction

1. Material preparation

Shuanghong Buxue Decoction recipe

2. Peel the pumpkin, remove the seeds and cut into pieces. Set aside

Shuanghong Buxue Decoction recipe

3. Wash the jujube and set aside

Shuanghong Buxue Decoction recipe

4. Put water in the pot. Enlarge the jujube and cook for about 40 minutes

Shuanghong Buxue Decoction recipe

5. Put brown sugar and cook for 10 minutes and serve

Shuanghong Buxue Decoction recipe


Like to drink sweet. Just put a little more. The amount is according to your needs


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