Shuixin Xuanbing

Shuixin Xuanbing

by Cheng Chenger (WeChat: meizh168)

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Shingen mochi is a traditional Japanese snack. It is made from glutinous rice flour to make soft rice cakes and dipped in soybean flour. Recently, a Japanese confectionery shop used agar instead of glutinous rice flour to make "Shui Xingen Bing" that is as transparent as a crystal ball. Since it went on sale on June 1, it has been very popular. Mizushingen cakes are only available from June to September. They are made from water from the Akaishi Mountains in Japan. They have a natural sweetness and must be eaten within a short period of time because they will melt over time.


Shuixin Xuanbing

1. Take out a few salted cherry blossoms and put them in a bowl.

Shuixin Xuanbing recipe

2. Pour in warm water and soak for two hours, changing the water 3 to 5 times in between.

Shuixin Xuanbing recipe

3. Take a small pot and pour the white jelly.

Shuixin Xuanbing recipe

4. Pour the sugar into the pot too.

Shuixin Xuanbing recipe

5. Pour boiling water in and turn on the fire at the same time.

Shuixin Xuanbing recipe

6. Heat to a boil, stir while boiling, and stir until the sugar is completely melted.

Shuixin Xuanbing recipe

7. Pour the boiled white jelly water into a cup with a spout, which is convenient for inverting the mold.

Shuixin Xuanbing recipe

8. Place the cleaned and dried mold on a horizontal table, pour the white jelly water into the mold, and turn it upside down at about 90%.

Shuixin Xuanbing recipe

9. Clamp the soaked cherry blossoms into the mold and use chopsticks to loosen them slightly.

Shuixin Xuanbing recipe

10. Close the lid, make sure that the upper and lower molds are tightly closed, and then use the funnel to help fill all the balls (the white jelly water poured in the back should be heated with a small fire to prevent solidification).

Shuixin Xuanbing recipe

11. After filling it up, let it stand for 1 hour to form (also put in the refrigerator fresh-keeping layer, it will taste more icy).

Shuixin Xuanbing recipe

12. If you like to eat sweet, you can dip it in red syrup and soybean flour, which is also great.

Shuixin Xuanbing recipe


The proportions should be right, and the time should not be too long, otherwise it will collapse. You can add less sugar when cooking the white jelly, because there are red syrup and soybean powder dipped in the back. If you don't like it too sweet, you can skip the red syrup and soybean powder. Just add enough sugar when you cook the white jelly. The upper and lower covers must be closed tightly, otherwise there will be a little more in the middle.


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