Simple Beef Noodles

Simple Beef Noodles

by Ajione

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Simple Beef Noodles

1. Wash tomatoes, cucumber and cabbage separately and set aside

Simple Beef Noodles recipe

2. I use a frying pan. I don’t pay much attention to kitchenware. I just need to use it. I boil water and cut vegetables at the same time.

Simple Beef Noodles recipe

3. Put the noodles in boiling water and cook for 1 minute, then tear the cabbage by hand, and cook for two minutes. Place the noodles and the vegetables separately. It is best to put the noodles in clean cold water so that the noodles have a strong taste.

Simple Beef Noodles recipe

4. This is my cut dish. Because I like to be jealous, I put vinegar on all noodles.

Simple Beef Noodles recipe

5. Pour the oil and cook it to about 70°C, add tomatoes and stir fry until it turns red oil, then add the cooked shredded cabbage, add the tempura, beef sauce, salt and chicken essence in turn, stir fry and then add the noodles. Take the noodles out of the cold water and put them in the pot and mix well.

Simple Beef Noodles recipe

6. This is the beef sauce I use. I wash and put different brands of beef sauce according to my taste. I only have this in my house.

Simple Beef Noodles recipe


You can buy the beef sauce yourself, and the noodles can be changed to different widths according to personal preference. Because I have no vegetables in the refrigerator, I can only find out these few items and make them at will.


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