Cold Noodles

Cold Noodles

by Moe City Food

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Chicken noodles, the noodles are soft, refreshing and tasty, the noodles are strong, come and make them for your family to try!


Cold Noodles

1. Shred carrots, onions, cucumbers

Cold Noodles recipe

2. Then put it in boiling water and cook (at this time put a bowl of cold boiling water in the refrigerator for later use)

Cold Noodles recipe

3. Cook the chicken breast with sliced ginger and appropriate amount of green onions, remove and let cool and then tear the chicken breast by hand

Cold Noodles recipe

4. Boil the fine noodles after boiling the water

Cold Noodles recipe

5. Stir the cooked thin noodles in ice water, remove and drain the water

Cold Noodles recipe

6. Stir in olive oil to prevent the fine noodles from sticking

Cold Noodles recipe

7. Mix vegetable shreds with chicken breast, add various seasonings except chopped green onion, and mix evenly

Cold Noodles recipe

8. After mixing, pour into the fine noodles and stir, and finally sprinkle with chopped green onion

Cold Noodles recipe


Friends who like spicy food can add some chili sauce


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