Siu Mai with Chinese Chives

Siu Mai with Chinese Chives

by Lele who loves food

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In addition to the fragrant rice cooking, the iron kettle also has a great steaming function. Using the steamer provided with the pot, steaming and cooking wheat is very convenient, and it takes about ten minutes. The steam outlet of the iron kettle is scientifically designed. When the food is steamed, the steamed food will not drip onto the steamed food. The taste is very good.


Siu Mai with Chinese Chives

1. Add a small amount of rice wine to the pork filling, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, mix well, add oil, mix well

Siu Mai with Chinese Chives recipe

2. Add finely diced chive flowers chive flowers

Siu Mai with Chinese Chives recipe

3. The side of the roasted wheat husk is rolled out in the shape of a lotus leaf

Siu Mai with Chinese Chives recipe

4. Take a piece of skin, wrap it in the filling, squeeze it gently with your hands, and arrange it into shape.

Siu Mai with Chinese Chives recipe

5. The iron kettle selects the steaming function, add a proper amount of water to the kettle, 3 minutes, after the water is boiled, put it in the steamer

Siu Mai with Chinese Chives recipe

6. 12 minutes to cook

Siu Mai with Chinese Chives recipe


You can choose the fillings you like. The weight of the seasoning is written casually, there is no weighing, and the system requires input, so you can only write it at will. Can be adjusted according to your own taste. Anyone who cooks rice will not weigh the ingredients and seasonings.


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