Sixi Roasted Bran

Sixi Roasted Bran

by Liu Dahua 266

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This Sixi grilled bran is a very common cold dish in Shanghai. Because of the watery black fungus and watery mushrooms, this dish is one of the new year dishes with good meaning. Not only that, the Sixi roasted bran made with June fresh soy sauce is even more delicious, so you must try it!


Sixi Roasted Bran

1. Let’s start with a collection of Xinhe June fresh products.

Sixi Roasted Bran recipe

2. Fungus foam (I use small fungus, you can use 4-5 big ones).

Sixi Roasted Bran recipe

3. Bring the water to a boil, roast the bran and wash and remove the roots of the mushrooms into the boiling water.

Sixi Roasted Bran recipe

4. Turn off the heat after about 5 minutes.

Sixi Roasted Bran recipe

5. Remove the roasted bran and shiitake mushrooms and pour out the water.

Sixi Roasted Bran recipe

6. Heat the oil in the pot, add cinnamon and star anise until fragrant, and then add the soaked and washed fungus.

Sixi Roasted Bran recipe

7. Then add the roasted bran and shiitake mushrooms.

Sixi Roasted Bran recipe

8. Add water and all seasonings, cover and simmer until the soup is dry.

Sixi Roasted Bran recipe

9. Serve out the plate.

Sixi Roasted Bran recipe

10. Take a closer look, you can put coriander or mint to decorate.

Sixi Roasted Bran recipe


1. Shiitake mushrooms I use fresh shiitake mushrooms. You can use soaked shiitake mushrooms. The roasted bran is cut when you buy it. If it is a large piece, put it in boiling water and boil it. After cooking, shred it.
2. The traditional Sixi roasted bran is usually added with dried day lily, you can try it if you like.


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