Slimming Soup

Slimming Soup

by Talented girl Mo~

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The clear soup is watery, without a drop of oil, suitable for me who want to lose weight now. It is also suitable for you who have a light diet.


Slimming Soup

1. Wash the materials and cut them for later use

Slimming Soup recipe

2. Put water in the pot to boil the mushrooms

Slimming Soup recipe

3. Bring the mushrooms to a boil, boil the tofu

Slimming Soup recipe

4. Bring the vegetables to a boil

Slimming Soup recipe

5. Finally, let's put the green cabbage leaves

Slimming Soup recipe

6. Seasoning with salted chicken essence

Slimming Soup recipe

7. Cook and turn off the heat

Slimming Soup recipe


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