Slimming Soup

Slimming Soup

by Lai Xiaobei

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Please read it~ This is the first time I tried to make soup. I have always liked baking things. Recently, I found that my belly came out, and it was troublesome if my clothes didn’t fit in... Hurry up and lose weight. It’s raining heavily here, so Just collect the contents in the refrigerator, there is still a problem of time, the relationship between electric ceramic stoves, the time is long, normal gas or induction cookers are simply quick soup.


Slimming Soup

1. After washing, chop all into pieces, prepare three servings, dice the onion, and cut the tomatoes as small as possible, tear off each leaf of the cabbage and rinse, and then cut into small pieces

Slimming Soup recipe

2. Because it is a slimming soup, try not to use oily items, use a small amount of sunflower oil, add diced onions, and stir fry for about two minutes

Slimming Soup recipe

3. Add the ham, I'm sorry to use it, only to see that it is not shot... Dice and stir fry a few times

Slimming Soup recipe

4. Add diced tomatoes. This step is very important. It must be stir-fried for a long time to become pureed tomatoes and get the tomato soup.

Slimming Soup recipe

5. Add the cabbage and stir fry a few times. When you see that the vegetables are a little soft, pour in an appropriate amount of water and ketchup. When it is evenly distributed, cover the pot and simmer for ten minutes.

Slimming Soup recipe

6. Open the lid, put in the right amount of salt, a little bit of sesame oil, stir evenly, you can get out of the pot

Slimming Soup recipe


The home uses Miji electric ceramic stove, no radiation, the relative processing cost is so slow, so slow, so slow


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