Smoked Salmon Poached Egg

Smoked Salmon Poached Egg

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Egg benedict is a simple American breakfast plate. Traditionally it is made of English muffins with ham, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce. I also swept all the brunch restaurants in Shanghai that are worth visiting for it, just to have a fantastical one. Egg benedict, it can be seen that I have a unique love for it.
Many people may be like me. They order more and eat more before they realize that eggs Benedict are poached eggs. But why is it called Egg benedict? Legend has it that Lemuel Benedict was a retired Wall Street stockbroker. One morning in 1894, he wandered to the Waldorf Astoria restaurant because of a hangover, hoping to find food to make him sober. So he ordered a free match: butter toast, poached egg, crispy bacon and a dish of Hollandaise sauce. The foreman of the hotel was very impressed with this combination, so he put eggs Benedict on the brunch menu. , Replacing the toast of ham, bacon and grilled English muffins, eggs Benedict was born.


Smoked Salmon Poached Egg

1. Let's first talk about how to make the thick layer of Hollandaise sauce covered on the poached egg, and prepare all the ingredients for the Dutch sauce.

Smoked Salmon Poached Egg recipe

2. Boil the water in a small pot. After boiling, turn to a low heat to keep it boiling slowly, with bubbles but not violently rolling; place a heat-resistant container containing an egg yolk and an appropriate amount of apple cider vinegar on a small boiling pot, and blow quickly over water. , Do not touch the water in the pot at the bottom of the container. Put the butter in another pot and heat to soften it. Boil slowly on a low fire. You can skim off the boiling white foam. The white milk solids deposited at the bottom can also be removed. Pour slowly in three steps. Put it into a heat-resistant container with egg yolk, and quickly stir it to make it gradually thicker. Note here, don’t add too much butter each time, and add it again after mixing well.

Smoked Salmon Poached Egg recipe

3. After the Dutch juice becomes thicker and thicker, remove the heat-resistant container from the boiling water pot, add salt and pepper, and season with lemon juice. The Dutch juice is finished

Smoked Salmon Poached Egg recipe

4. Add a little salt and apple cider vinegar or white vinegar to a small pot of boiling water. Beat the eggs into a small bowl and slide the eggs into the pot against the surface of the water. The time to boil the eggs is generally between 90 seconds and 120 seconds. Note The egg yolk must be semi-fluid to be delicious. It should not be overcooked. After the poached egg is cooked, drain the water on a paper towel and sprinkle a little salt on it.

Smoked Salmon Poached Egg recipe

5. Bake the whole wheat bread in a bread machine, cook the asparagus in water, sprinkle with a little salt to improve the flavor, place the superimposed on the plate in turn, whole wheat bread, asparagus, smoked salmon, poached egg, and finally top with Dutch sauce. Sprinkle with chopped thyme to taste, Done!

Smoked Salmon Poached Egg recipe


Hollandaise sauce
Let’s first talk about how to make the thick layer of Hollandaise sauce that covers the poached egg. I once thought that the yellow layer was cheese, and Hollandaise sauce is a traditional Western sauce. It is sweet and sour with egg and milk flavor. The fresh sauce is kept at 37-65 degrees Celsius, and no more than 2 hours. If this time is exceeded, the sauce will become thinner and not full of luster. It can also be used Imported with seafood, not only has the effect of removing fishy, but also can add points to the umami taste and taste of the ingredients.


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