Song Sao Yu Geng

Song Sao Yu Geng

by Tuo Tuo Ma

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Song Sao Yugeng, a famous Jiangsu and Zhejiang dish, is said to have originated in the Southern Song Dynasty and has a history of more than 800 years. According to Zhou Mi’s "Old Wulin Events": On March 15th in the sixth year of Chunxi (AD 1171), Song Gaozong Zhao Gou boarded an imperial boat and traveled around the West Lake. He ordered to buy turtles and fish from the lake and release them. It was announced that there was a fish soup seller. The woman's name is Song Wusao, who claims to be from Tokyo (now Kaifeng). She drove here and made a living selling fish soup by the West Lake. Gaozong ate the fish soup made by her, admiring it very much, and remembering her old age, she bestowed it on gold and silver silk. Since then, the reputation has risen, and the wealthy and giants have rushed to buy food, and Song Sao's fish soup has become a famous delicacy in the capital. After the continuous development and improvement of the generation chef. The ingredients of Song Sao Yu Geng are more refined and exquisite. The fish soup made is oily in color, tender and smooth, and tastes like crab meat. Therefore, it is called Sai Crab Geng and is a famous traditional Hangzhou dish.
My Song Sao Yu Geng may not be as exquisite as the one made in the Louwai Lou, but the way of food is only sincere. Every tedious process just needs to be done as much as possible. If you have the conditions, you can keep improving. When you don’t have it , You can also be flexible, make it for yourself, there are no various standards for grade appreciation, the only one, as long as you like it, this is the difference between home cooking and hotel dining.


Song Sao Yu Geng

1. Live mandarin fish is dissected and cleaned, and a small amount of salt is added, ginger and cooking wine are marinated for 15 minutes

2. Put it in a steamer with a high steam, cover and steam for 10 minutes

Song Sao Yu Geng recipe

3. Shred the Jinhua ham, shred the shiitake mushrooms, remove the steamed fish and shred the fish

4. Pour an appropriate amount of clear chicken soup in the pot, add oil, Shaoxing rice wine and ginger, add mushrooms and shredded ham, boil, add fish

Song Sao Yu Geng recipe

5. Add salt, chicken essence and white pepper, and when it boils again, add appropriate amount of water to thicken the starch

6. Take the yellow egg and beat it into the bowl

Song Sao Yu Geng recipe

7. After breaking up, put it into the pot

8. Disperse quickly and turn off the heat

Song Sao Yu Geng recipe
Song Sao Yu Geng recipe
Song Sao Yu Geng recipe


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