Sophora Japonica Rice-childhood Memories

Sophora Japonica Rice-childhood Memories

by Brother Xiong.

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When I was young, I liked this season the most. I went home from school, and I missed the scent of Sophora japonica all the way. I miss the braised rice made by my grandmother, with delicious juices, and a cucumber. It's delicious.


Sophora Japonica Rice-childhood Memories

1. Wash the acacia flowers 3 to 4 times with clean water to remove excess branches and leaves, and then drain them for later use. If possible, wash two more cucumbers as a side dish.

Sophora Japonica Rice-childhood Memories recipe

2. Put the washed and drained Sophora japonica flowers into a large basin, add flour and stir. Master how much you want. It is best to make each Sophora japonica evenly covered with flour, not very dry or sticky. Friends with heavy taste can also add some salt, pepper, and sesame oil to stir together.

Sophora Japonica Rice-childhood Memories recipe

3. Put the mixed Sophora japonica flowers in a cage, boil the water and let it sit for about 20 minutes. The exact time depends on the amount of Sophora japonica.

Sophora Japonica Rice-childhood Memories recipe

4. As long as it is the juice, and the juice is adjusted, the Sophora japonica rice is even more delicious. Add garlic, chili oil, vinegar, a small amount of very fresh, a small amount of salt, you can also add a little sugar or cotton sugar, the taste is better. The specific ratio depends on your taste preference.

Sophora Japonica Rice-childhood Memories recipe

5. The so-called life must be high, cucumbers must be patted. Put the patted cucumbers on a plate, sprinkle with pepper, dried chili, and salt, spray them with a small amount of hot oil, add a little bit of flavour, vinegar, and stir. It is even more delicious with braised rice.

Sophora Japonica Rice-childhood Memories recipe


Every time I eat this meal, I think of my grandma, so I have a soft spot for Sophora japonica rice. I picked it on the side of the road when I was a child, and now I have to go to the market to buy it. Sophora japonicus braised rice is actually very simple, the main sauce is very fragrant, and it is more delicious with a cold cucumber. Hope you all like it. Hehe...


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