Tasty Sophora Soup

Tasty Sophora Soup

by Sheep kitchen

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There are many ways to eat Sophora japonica. You can steam Sophora japonica, cool it, stir-fry meat, scrambled eggs, mix it with flour, and then deep-fry the meatballs. You can also make Sophora japonica buns, Sophora japonica dumplings, Sophora japonica soup... …

In the past few days, I have eaten Sophora japonica almost every day. I have not tried Sophora japonica soup when I came out. I made a bowl of Sophora japonica soup today. It was delicious, tender and smooth, and very smooth!
Ingredients: Sophora japonicus, eggs, flour, spring onions, ginger, salt, vegetable oil, chicken essence


Tasty Sophora Soup

1. Wash the Sophora japonica to control water, put it in a basin, beat an egg and mix well

Tasty Sophora Soup recipe

2. Add an appropriate amount of flour and stir until it becomes viscous

Tasty Sophora Soup recipe

3. Put more oil in a non-stick pan, pour in Sophora japonica and fry until golden brown on both sides, shovel it into small pieces with a shovel, and set aside.

Tasty Sophora Soup recipe

4. Cut the green onion and ginger, separate the oil pan, add the green onion and ginger and fry until fragrant, and put in the locust cake

Tasty Sophora Soup recipe

5. Add appropriate amount of water to a boil on high heat, add appropriate amount of salt and chicken essence, and stir well.

Tasty Sophora Soup recipe


You need to be patient when washing Sophora japonica. Soak it in light salt water for about ten minutes to soak the aphids hidden in it.


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