Sophora Muffins

Sophora Muffins

by Snow season (from Tencent...)

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Spring has come, and the wind has come, and it is blowing every day. Mother said: The spring breeze does not blow, and the willows do not send out. Sure enough, many trees have grown green leaves, and the scent of locust blossoms is also floating in the wind. Walking in the yard, I saw a low locust tree with white locust blossoms floating in the wind. I picked a few locust blossoms. . Made this dish, Sophora japonica muffin, every bite is floral, let spring and Sophora japonica leave a special scenery for the delicacy.


Sophora Muffins

1. Ingredients: Sophora japonica and muffin powder, add water and salt to the Sophora japonica to clean it

Sophora Muffins recipe

2. Add muffin powder to washed acacia flowers

Sophora Muffins recipe

3. Add water and stir evenly

Sophora Muffins recipe

4. Sophora japonica batter has no dry powder, it has fluidity.

Sophora Muffins recipe

5. Put a little oil in the pot to prevent sticking, pour a spoonful of Sophora japonica batter, and broil it over low heat

Sophora Muffins recipe

6. Golden yellow on both sides can be taken out

Sophora Muffins recipe

7. Rich floral scent, sweet muffins, spring scent

Sophora Muffins recipe


Adding salt when washing Sophora japonica will make it cleaner. I use muffin premix powder, sugar and baking powder are already in the powder, so I only added Sophora japonica. An egg can also be added to the batter, but the amount of water should be reduced accordingly.


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