Sophora Japonica Soup

Sophora Japonica Soup

by Little Lotus in the Wind

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The campus in the early summer morning is like a paradise isolated from the world, everything is silent, there are few people, only the flowers in the garden are in full bloom, and the humid air is filled with the fragrance of flowers, noisy and quiet.
My friend and I held a long pole and carried a small basket. Taking advantage of the few people who traveled early in the morning, we picked Sophora japonica in the small woods on the campus. At the end of spring and early summer each year, when the snow-white Sophora japonica blossoms on the branches, the air is filled with bursts of sweetness, like a naughty spirit, teasing your taste buds, not only arouses your appetite, but also seems to make you Push into the time machine, travel to the past, and return to the carefree childhood. At this time, I think that the reason why I like to pick some Sophora japonica every year is not only for eating, but also for experiencing the good time of childhood.
When I was young, there was a fertilizer factory opposite to our family’s courtyard. The fertilizer factory was one of the five largest factories in our small county at that time. It had very good economic benefits and a large number of employees. Therefore, the factory had its own kindergarten and a small courtyard. Inside, there is a slide and an old locust tree. When the scent of locust blossoms fragrant, the thick cotton coat faded from my body, and I was playing on the slides under the trees with ease. The breeze blew by, sending bursts of fragrance to the front of me. Such a scene will never be difficult for me in my life. A scene of forgetfulness. So that after adulthood, whenever I smell the unique fragrance of Sophora japonica, a young girl slides down a slide on the Sophora japonica tree in her mind.
When the scent of locust blossoms under the tree is getting stronger and stronger, a little boy who can climb the tree climbs up the high branches, folds the branches full of locust blossoms, and throws them to the mother or waiting under the tree. sister. Many children are just greedy, looking at them happily, wanting to get one. At this time, I feel that I was born stupid, and I can't even climb trees. I remembered countless times holding the trunk of the tree and trying to climb up, but it took a lot of effort, my hands hurt my arms, and I looked at myself, but I was able to stand on the ground as soon as I put my legs on it.
Although I didn't climb trees when I was young and couldn't reach the locust trees on the branches, I often remembered eating locust trees. Grab a bunch of Sophora japonica flowers just picked from the branches, pinch the stalk with your left hand, and press your right hand, and you can cover your mouth with a handful of Sophora japonica flowers, chewing your mouth full of fragrant, sweet and sweet. However, what left me a deeper impression was the Sophora japonica soup that my mother fried with Sophora japonica. The unique fragrance of Sophora japonica, mixed with the fragrance of green onion oil, is concentrated in the thick soup full of mother’s love. The aroma is long and long. Permeated my whole life.


Sophora Japonica Soup

1. Push down the Sophora japonica from the pedicel and wash it off with water. (Although the flowers are natural and pollution-free, there are sometimes small ants or small aphids, so you have to wash them several times)

Sophora Japonica Soup recipe

2. Sprinkle in flour and mix well with chopsticks until slightly lumpy.

Sophora Japonica Soup recipe

3. Put the oil in the pot and heat it over medium heat. You can put more oil to make it more fragrant.

Sophora Japonica Soup recipe

4. Pour the mixed Sophora japonica into the pot and spread it flat into round cakes.

Sophora Japonica Soup recipe

5. During the frying process, use a spatula to shovel a little oil along the wall of the pan and let the oil flow into the bottom of the locust cake along the pan.

Sophora Japonica Soup recipe

6. Fry it on one side until it is browned and then turn it over and fry the other side, still pour oil along the wall of the pan.

Sophora Japonica Soup recipe

7. After frying on both sides until browned, push the Sophora japonica cake around, leaving a little space in the middle, add a little oil, add the chopped green onion and ginger all-spice powder and stir-fry for a while until the aroma comes out.

Sophora Japonica Soup recipe

8. Add water to a boil over high heat, season with salt and soy sauce.

Sophora Japonica Soup recipe

9. After it is boiled, turn to low heat and simmer for about 5 minutes to get out of the pot.

Sophora Japonica Soup recipe


Chinese recipes do not have to be very strict. If you like a thicker one, add a little more flour, otherwise, add a little less. Sophora japonica can be decocted into shape, and there is no need to pursue decoction, because it can be boiled until cooked later. The oil used is about twice as much as your usual cooking habit.


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