Soup Baby Dishes

Soup Baby Dishes

by Ci n der ella

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Baby cabbage has a sweet taste and a slightly higher price than ordinary cabbage. Its nutritional value is similar to that of Chinese cabbage. It is rich in vitamins and selenium, has a high chlorophyll content, and has rich nutritional value. Baby cabbage is also rich in cellulose and trace elements, which also helps prevent colon cancer.


Soup Baby Dishes

1. Wash and set aside, cut into pieces.

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

2. Dice a preserved egg, dice chili, and stir the cooked salted egg yolk.

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

3. Soak sea shrimps in water in advance for later use.

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

4. The fans are blanched for later use.

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

5. Boil baby vegetables for later use.

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

6. Bring right amount of water to boil, add salted egg yolk, preserved egg, sea shrimp rice, add salt and chicken essence, after the soup is thickened, add chili.

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

7. Finally, pour the soup into the prepared baby cabbage, and steam it for 5 minutes. That's it.

Soup Baby Dishes recipe

8. carry out.

Soup Baby Dishes recipe


The process seems troublesome, but it's actually very simple. If you don’t know, you can just ask me.


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