Crispy Fish

Crispy Fish

by Mom Nini

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Crispy fish belongs to Ji cuisine or Zhejiang cuisine. It is characterized by yellow and bright color, beautiful color and fragrance, tender bones and tender meat, rich fragrance and refreshing taste, and it is not greasy to eat for a long time. Crispy fish is rich in protein, fat, vitamins, nucleic acids and trace elements such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, and iodine. My mother is best at doing this. When I was young, my mother would make this when we were improving our lives. It was simmered over a small fire with coals and meat until the bones became crispy. It can be eaten cold or hot, but I recommend eating it cold.

When making this fish, beer is used instead of water. When frying the fish, the oil temperature must be controlled well. The temperature of the oil should not always be too high or too low, and the oil should be fried a little bit older, so that the fish will not fall apart when simmering. After talking about the tips, let's try it out together:


Crispy Fish

1. The scales and internal organs of the crucian should be removed first. The black film on the flesh of the fish must be removed

Crispy Fish recipe

2. Then use a knife to make a few cuts diagonally on the surface of the fish, about 5-7 knives, the purpose is to taste

Crispy Fish recipe

3. Add ginger, green onion and a pinch of salt and spread well, add flavored Dameizhen cooking wine to remove fishy and marinate for 15 minutes

Crispy Fish recipe

4. Use kitchen paper to dry the surface moisture of the crucian carp to avoid the frying process

Crispy Fish recipe

5. Heat up the pan, pour in an appropriate amount of oil and cook until it becomes 40% hot, fry the fish until golden on both sides, take it out and set aside

Crispy Fish recipe

6. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, add Pixian bean paste and green onion-mate soybean paste and stir fry for a nice flavor

Crispy Fish recipe

7. Cover the bottom of the pressure cooker with scallions

Crispy Fish recipe

8. Arrange the fried fish neatly on the green onions and arrange them crosswise, add pepper, aniseed and bay leaves

Crispy Fish recipe

9. Pour in the fried sauce

Crispy Fish recipe

10. Pour in sugar, beer, june braised soy sauce and appropriate amount of boiling water, taste and add salt to adjust the flavor. Note that you don’t need too much water, it’s almost no fish just now

Crispy Fish recipe

11. A plate is used upside down to prevent the fish from floating during the cooking process

Crispy Fish recipe

12. Cover and add valve to high heat, turn to low heat for 25 minutes after being aired, and serve after cooling down completely

Crispy Fish recipe

13. Don't take it out after simmering, and simmer it for another night for more flavor, softness, and the best taste when eaten cold.

Crispy Fish recipe


1. The pressing time of the pressure cooker should be adjusted according to the size of the fish.
2. Add appropriate amount of salt, soy bean paste and Pixian bean paste have saltiness.


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