Soup Noodles

Soup Noodles

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My husband doesn’t like to eat noodles and other noodles, but he can accept this noodles in clear soup, because there are meat and vegetables in the noodles, and after eating a bowl, he said that this noodles is much better than expected. )O~


Soup Noodles

1. Tear off the old tendons of snow peas, soak and wash them, and slap the garlic cloves and peel them easily

Soup Noodles recipe

2. Heat the pan, pour a little oil, and fry the pork belly until browned on both sides

Soup Noodles recipe

3. Add garlic cloves

Soup Noodles recipe

4. Pour in snow peas and stir fry for a while

Soup Noodles recipe

5. Add soy sauce, stir well and serve

Soup Noodles recipe

6. Boil an appropriate amount of water, add the noodles and cook until they float

Soup Noodles recipe

7. Add cooked pork belly and snow peas

Soup Noodles recipe

8. Just add a little umami juice

Soup Noodles recipe


The sauce has a salty taste, and a small amount of salt or a very fresh sauce can be added to the noodle soup to enhance the taste.


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