Soup Type Toast

Soup Type Toast

by There is a Dragon Girl 2012 Nono

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Making soup bread for the first time, I always felt too troublesome before, and I have been too lazy to do it. It turns out that the more processes, the better the bread is. It can be understood that, hahaha, super soft bread, friends who like it can try it.


Soup Type Toast

1. First make the soup, (the ingredients are not included in the recipe): 18 grams of high-gluten flour + 75 grams of water, mix the ingredients and stir into the water

Soup Type Toast recipe

2. Pour into the pot, stir into a dough over low heat

Soup Type Toast recipe

3. Set aside to cool

Soup Type Toast recipe

4. An egg is exactly 50 grams, milk, sugar, and salt in the bread bucket

Soup Type Toast recipe

5. Add flour again. Yeast powder, and finally put in the soup dough

Soup Type Toast recipe

6. Start the "Year dough" program

Soup Type Toast recipe

7. When the dough is mixed for 20 minutes, add butter and continue to stir until the dough is over

Soup Type Toast recipe

8. Take out the steamed dough to exhaust air

Soup Type Toast recipe

9. Divide equally into 4 equal parts

Soup Type Toast recipe

10. Take a dough and roll it into a tongue shape and roll it up from top to bottom

Soup Type Toast recipe

11. Roll out and roll up again

Soup Type Toast recipe

12. Put in the mold

Soup Type Toast recipe

13. Ferment in a warm place (the picture shows the fermented well)

Soup Type Toast recipe

14. Put it in the preheated oven, heat up to 150 degrees and lower to 140 degrees for 40 minutes. If it’s the first time to bake, don’t leave before covering with tin foil.

Soup Type Toast recipe


The recipe is a bit too much, and it will headshot. If it is the first time to bake, do not leave before covering the tin foil. Remember to keep it in mind to prevent it from baking.


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