Sour Plum Soup

Sour Plum Soup

by Simple 7700

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The hot summer is again in Guangdong. I don’t drink too much soup this summer, it’s really tough...
In the bitter summer, the kitchen on the top floor of Guangdong was very hot, but when I thought that my husband and daughter might be even more difficult, their physique was not very good, so I went into the kitchen and cooked a big pot of sour plum soup.
When you are tired in the summer, drinking a cup of sour plum soup can play a good refreshing effect and restore vitality to muscles and blood vessels. In addition, so many acidic substances can also promote the secretion of salivary glands and gastric glands, not only to produce fluids and quench thirst, but also to avoid motion sickness when going out to play, or to sober up after drinking too much.
Secondly, sour plum soup is beneficial to the acid-base balance of the body: sour plum contains a variety of vitamins, especially the extremely high content of vitamin B2, which is hundreds of times that of other fruits. Although it tastes sour, it belongs to alkaline food. If you eat too much acidic foods such as meat, drinking some sour plum soup will help your blood pH balance.
Finally, sour plum soup can reduce liver fire: from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, sour taste enters the liver, and people with poor liver can eat more acidic foods. For example, people with liver fire should eat more sour plums. It can not only reduce irritability, but also help digestion of the spleen and stomach and nourish the liver. In addition, sour plum is also a natural throat moisturizer, which can gently moisturize the inflamed part of the throat and relieve pain.
Sour plum soup is a good soup for relieving summer heat, better than iced drinks. Slightly chilled, the taste is better. My daughter drank more than half of the sour plum soup. The sweetness and sourness are just what she wants...


Sour Plum Soup

1. Put the sour plum soup ingredients in a large bowl

Sour Plum Soup recipe

2. Rinse with water

Sour Plum Soup recipe

3. Filter, repeat this three times, you will find that it is getting cleaner and cleaner.

Sour Plum Soup recipe

4. Pour the ingredients into a large soup pot.

Sour Plum Soup recipe

5. Pour about 3 liters of water. Bring to a high heat, then simmer for about 30 minutes.

Sour Plum Soup recipe

6. Add rock sugar about five minutes before turning off the heat. Put it out at the end, and put it in the refrigerator after cooling.

Sour Plum Soup recipe


1. The materials should be cleaned
2. Put enough water in the pot at a time. The big fire will boil first and then the low fire.
3. After cooking, you can add some sweet-scented osmanthus to make it more fragrant.


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