Sour Plum Soup

Sour Plum Soup

by Er Niu Gourmet

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Summer is coming soon, come to the humble sour plum soup to accompany us through the hot summer. The sour plum soup not only relieves the heat, but also has the effect of losing weight! There are so many magical effects!


Sour Plum Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients needed to make sour plum soup

Sour Plum Soup recipe

2. Open the sour plum soup bag, rinse the ingredients of the sour plum soup bag, simply rinse

Sour Plum Soup recipe

3. Put the washed sour plum soup into the pot, add about 3 liters of water, turn to a low heat after it is boiled, and add rock sugar after 30 minutes

Sour Plum Soup recipe

4. Let the sour plum soup simmer for 10 minutes and then cool, remove the ingredients

Sour Plum Soup recipe

5. Put the golden osmanthus into the sour plum soup to quote

Sour Plum Soup recipe

6. Sour plum soup will also be given away in non-woven bags. Using non-woven bags to pack the raw materials for sour plum soup can save the step of picking up the raw materials, and will not affect the taste and taste of sour plum soup.

Sour Plum Soup recipe


The hawthorn in the sour plum soup will contract the uterus, so pregnant women should not use it!


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